Monday, July 27, 2009

Talk to police if you witness crime?

I'm the former president of the Northwestern District Police Community Relations Organization, and without a doubt I would talk to police about a crime. I've heard police say that we, the citizens, are the "eyes and ears" of the police. A lot of the cases that are solved result from information given by citizens. It is our duty to report crime. When you're not a part of the solution, you're a part of the problem.
Thomas A. Wilson Jr. , Detroit

Do I want to deprive my family of a provider to get a robber off the street? Do I want to put my family (which is quite extended) at risk? Do I want to draw the wrath of the family members of the accused? I was once 90 percent sure I could identify a home invader from a next-door crime; when put before me, I could not be sure (the shirt and complexion fit; that's not good enough to convict, so I backed off).
Gerald Kent , Detroit

There seems to be a consensus about where the problem of so-called snitching lies. Now let's see how long it takes to clean up the mess. Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and Gov. Jennifer Granholm should take note.
Beverly Henderson , Fowlerville

People in Detroit don't snitch because of fear. Thugs know who ratted them out. If the witness has to testify, that makes the whole thing worse. Even if there is no imminent fear of repercussions, there is fear if you testify. Can you live in the same house, knowing that you told the truth? In most cases, no. It is safer staying silent.
Bonita Grier , Detroit

Fear of reprisal is a big deterrent to testify as a witness. It would make more sense to minimize the number of crimes from taking place in the first place through heavy police patrol in crime-infested areas.
Pradeep Srivastava , Detroit

When the Detroit police force is as corrupt as they come, coupled with the elected officials in the city, honestly, what would you expect and why would anyone jeopardize their life? Detroit and Michigan do not possess integrity, and that rubs off on the citizens, even though there are a lot of good, hard-working people in this state.
Gregg Moe , Troy

Perhaps the unwillingness to be branded as a snitch permeates the African-American culture. And perhaps that's why the murderer of Strawberry is still on the loose.
Martin Yanosek , St. Clair Shores