Friday, January 3, 2014

Home Security Customer Chooses Guardian Alarm Over ADT

Cavin Collier:
Guardian Alarm, Security Consultant
We love getting letters, and customers, like this!

"FYI we are new Guardian Alarm customers (as of last night), and you should know I actually had an appointment to install an ADT system this (Friday) afternoon, but cancelled it after we decided to go with Guardian.

Your quality & reputation played a role, but a significant reason was also Cavin. We found him to be a great salesman--very straight forward with good detailed knowledge of the system and packages, honest and candid, didn't push too hard but talked us through options and made his recommendations, and overall just really easy to work with.

The world is full of those who complain when they are dissatisfied with something, and far too few people speak up when there's something positive to say. So I felt compelled to write you this note... and (although he did provide your contact information at my request) please note it was totally prompted by me, not by Cavin!

We are now Guardian customers because of this experience." George H.