Friday, September 18, 2015

Letter from a very happy new home security customer!

Alan Placek - Security Consultant
"So often we only follow up when we have issues or negative experiences with people/things. Every once in a while we have experiences that warrant pointing out the other end of the extreme - people who go out of their way for you and are exceptional in other ways. The good news is I am writing to you regarding an experience that falls under the latter category.

I have been talking with Alan Placek over the last several weeks to decide which alarm system was the best fit for us. Candidly, not only did I speak with Alan but I also spoke with one of your competitors. We wanted to be sure we were getting the best system for us. Since I am not looking to shed negative light on anyone, I am intentionally not mentioning the other company by name. Regardless, while the representative from the other company was a nice guy, I did not feel that he was as knowledgeable or passionate about the product as I hoped he would be. On the other hand, Alan was able to answer all of our questions (even my tech/geeky questions) and he was able to present all of the pros and cons of each of our options. Most importantly, I felt comfortable with Alan's advice and I felt he was leading us in the right direction. He was an absolute straight shooter and I appreciated that. Not to mention, he was exceptionally passionate about your product.

It was Alan's knowledge, experience, and professionalism that made our decision easy. I want to thank you for having people like Alan and providing excellent service on the sales side. I look forward to the similarly excellent service that I am sure will come with us having our system installed and monitored by you for many years to come."