Friday, July 24, 2009

More Details on Rash of Break ins

A rash of break-ins in Delhi Township have police on the search for suspects. They say thieves have broken into at least 35 cars in the past month. That includes 5 cars that were hit just Tuesday night. Parked cars in the street, you see them in every neighborhood. Thieves see them as a crime of opportunity.

Lieutenant Michael Debruin: "I believe what they're doing is they're going around looking at the vehicles, looking in the vehicles, trying the door handles."

Lieutenant Michael Debruin has seen about dozens of break ins in just the last month. He says, each time they hit different neighborhoods.

Lieutenant Michael Debruin: "They're going through the neighborhoods somewhere between midnight or 6 or 7a.m., but it's always in a concentrated area and then we won't have any activity for a few days, and then there's activity in another area."

Oftentimes the thieves are targeting unlocked cars, so it's as simple as opening the door and stealing whatever valuables are inside.

Lieutenant Michael Debruin: "There have been a couple of instances where the vehicle has been locked, but they spotted something inside, so they break a window or door handle to get inside."
So now police want you to be on the lookout to help track down the thieves so you don't become the next victim. Police say protecting yourself is as simple as locking your car and keeping valuables hidden, or if you can, put your car in a garage. If you have any information on the crimes, call the Ingham County Sheriff's Department at 517-676-8251.