Friday, August 31, 2012

"It is without hesitation that we recommend others that are interested in security to Guardian Alarm"

Eric Bindig, Guardian Alarm Security Consultant
“Over the past year, our organization, Gratiot County Community Mental Health, has had the privilege of working with Eric Bindig. On several occasions Eric has met with our Leadership Team assisting us in our endeavors to create a work environment for our employees that is safe and secure. Eric's professional approach, coupled with cost effective and efficient recommendations for a security system to meet our needs, was exemplary. Eric is timely and responsive to our questions and has provided the ongoing support necessary to continue to make improvements to our security system. It is without hesitation that we recommend others that are interested in security to Eric and Guardian Alarm. Not only did he answer our questions, he also offered reasons why we should or shouldn't consider a particular approach. He was very transparent and forthright in his recommendations.

It was without hesitation that I contacted Eric to inquire about the installation of a security system for my daughter's new home. As parents, we wanted to take the necessary steps to assure their safety and security. Working with Eric, we were able to design a security system to meet their individual needs. We all appreciate Eric's professionalism and his willingness to answer questions about the system and what would work best in their homes. My family agrees that Eric is the "best" and it was truly a pleasure working with him. We will definitely refer others to him.”

Carolyn Hilley, CEO
Gratiot County Community Mental Health

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Battle Creek Customer Raves "Guardian Alarm is Amazing!"

“Our Battle Creek store was broken into Saturday night. We were closed the entire day, since we still didn't have electricity.  I called Guardian Alarm to make sure our back-up battery was giving a signal and it was. At 2am, Guardian called saying they dispatched the police. Someone had thrown a rock through the front window & door. The siren went off and they ran.  Thank God for Guardian!  They acted so fast in dispatching the police.  Fortunately, the burglars didn't get away with anything. Guardian is amazing!”

Laura C. – Owner, Disc Replay

Friday, August 3, 2012

Work at Guardian and get in shape!

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kristen Miller: Guardian Alarm Employee of the Month June 2012

Kristen Miller

As a Customer Service Rep it is important to understand as far as customers are concerned we (the person they are speaking to at the moment) are the company. This is not a burden, but the core of our job. We hold in your hands the power to keep customers coming back! Our Guardian Minimum is engrained in doing the best for our customers and putting them before the team and our own personal needs. Being able to switch your schedule at a moments notice is a very important attribute of a CSR in a 24 hours department. Kristen Miller is someone who is willing to stay over, come in early, or even switch around her weekends off to help customer service during staffing shortages. She has a go with the flow personality and is able to switch between slow and heavy activity in a moments notice. She is able to buckle down and concentrate on the customers issues and get them on and off the phone while still being a good customer service representative.

Kristen is a team player; helping anyone in need as well as helping supervision to get new employees trained to take incoming phone calls. She is good at explaining Guardian’s procedures and reasoning behind doing certain functions that allows anyone who is sitting with her to be able to follow along with what she is doing and why. Kristen is a true ambassador for Guardian. She always speaks highly of Guardian Alarm and believes in the products and services we offer. She believes in fixing things and moving on to the next thing, not dwelling on the negative or mistakes. She is very receptive and accepts new ideas and suggestions. Kristen receives feedback positively and you are able to see an immediate alteration with her trying to take your wisdom and advice and receive it.  

With her 7 years of experience with Guardian, she brings not only a wealth of knowledge and experience but also a can-do attitude to her team. Positive behavior and reactions are good to have when we deal with different kinds of personalities all day with the different kinds of customers that we get daily. Her supervision team appreciates her flexibility with her scheduling as well as her easy going personality. She for the most part does not tell us "no." It is always "yes" with no complaining.
(L to R) John Flores - Customer Service Manager, Kristen Miller, Karen Majeske - General Manager