Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Get Your Home Insurance for Cheaper

Execute security measures, reduce risks of making claims, and get to reduce your premium by following these easy tips.
Change the locks - Because you’ll never know who else has a key to the doors of your new house.
Install a good home security system – Cut your premiums by installing alarm systems preferred by your insurance company.
Time-switch lights – Give the impression that you are at home– even when you’re not– and keep burglars away.
If you are away – Cancel regular deliveries and ask a trusted neighbor to retrieve your mail.
Keys – Be more creative in hiding them; don’t be too obvious (read: under the flower pot beside the door).
Install security lighting – Keep your welcome visitors safe and the unwelcome ones at bay.
Join a neighborhood watch campaign – Reduce your premium by up to 5% through semi-passive participation. But if you can participate actively to keep your neighborhood safe, why not?
Avoid frozen and burst pipes – Lessen the water that can escape by turning off the water valve and header tank if you think you’ve got frozen pipes.
Look out for subsidence – This common problem is also usually covered in insurance policies.
Fire – Set-up smoke alarms and observe fire safety measures.
Don’t smoke – Risk for fires is increased with cigarettes. Quit before your insurance company asks.
Increase your voluntary excess – The amount of excess is the money you are willing to pay on claims. Lower your premium by showing that you’re willing to pay higher excess.
Think about your cover – Cut down on the add-ons that would have otherwise decreased your premium by 25%.
Don’t claim unless you need to – You get higher no claims discount with a fewer claims. If minor damages can be fixed with your cash on hand, consider spending it than making a claim.