Thursday, October 10, 2013

Letter From ADT Customer On Why She Switched To Guardian Alarm

Tony Fisher
Guardian Alarm
Security Consultant
Dear Tony,

Thank you again for taking the time to discuss home security options last week. Per our discussion, I’d like to explain why we decided to switch to Guardian.

Our home was secured by Brinks Broadview 11 years ago and was transferred to ADT when they acquired Brinks. We had a great experience with Brinks, but once they were acquired by ADT we saw some dramatic changes. Calling customer service to inquire about a low battery or to ask a simple question became a long, drawn out ordeal. I was transferred multiple times because someone “special” had to handle my inquiry since I was a Broadview customer. The right hand had NO idea what the left hand was doing. No matter what they tell their customers, ADT and Brinks are not operating as one, unified company.

ADT lost a long-time customer (11 years) due to their inefficiencies and poor customer service. They have absolutely no interest in servicing their customers and made no effort to retain me as a customer when we contacted them to cancel our service.

On a more positive side, our new Guardian alarm system was installed today. Everything went well and we are looking forward to working with Guardian. We have received great customer service so far and we are especially pleased to support a local, family-owned business.

Best regards,

Lisa B. - Detroit, MI (10/9/13)