Friday, October 16, 2009

State police seek input from residents to solve rash of break-ins in southwest Lapeer County

By Liz Shaw Flint Journal
October 16, 2009, 8:27AMLAPEER COUNTY, Michigan — State police are warning residents to be on the alert and take extra precautions due to a rash of home break-ins that have been occurring recently in southwest Lapeer County.
About 10 break-ins have occurred since the beginning of October, said State police Detective Mark Reaves. Most have been in four townships: Lapeer, Metamora, Elba and Hadley. The majority have been in Hadley and Metamora townships.
Evidence has led police to believe at least some of the break-ins are connected. All have been daytime crimes, with entry typically gained through a broken window.
"We're asking people if they see any suspicious activity to report it," said Reaves. "If somebody knocks on your door and when you answer it, they ask a dumb question or anything raises a red flag, try to get the license plate and a description of them and the vehicle and call 911.
"That's what these criminals do. They go from house to house and if someone's home, they'll move on to the next one."
Keep all doors locked and make sure alarm systems are in good working order, said Reaves. Don't store valuables in obvious, common locations such as a jewelry box or top dresser drawer.
So far, the thieves have stolen mostly jewelry, cash and other small items in the current break-ins.
"The people committing these (break ins) are not doing it to feed their families. They're doing it to feed their drug habit," said Reaves. "Don't let the hard times we're in fool anyone. They're breaking the law to feed their drug habit and they won't stop until they get caught."