Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fire Kills 6 Across Michigan

3 Year Old Dies due to fire started by Candles
Multiple fires across the state have lead to fatalities due to fire in the residential setting. 4 fires have killed six people on separate occasions accross Michigan. It seems that many of the fires occurred in homes with smoke alarms that were either not working or were not heard at the time of the fire, although none of the homes was protected with residential sprinklers.
Remember as we head out of fire prevention week, it is critical for us to continue to promote working smoke alarms, proper operational response with active fire prevention efforts. Our condolences for the loss to the various communities, families, and responding fire department
The first fire last Tuesday night killed a Madison Heights man in his room off the garage. According to the Detroit Free Press, the fire may have been started by a cigarette and was called in by the mans grandson. Firefighters arrived to find fire in the area of origin and the man trapped inside.
The second fire occurred in Lee Township on the West Side of the state. The living room caught on fire, where 9 people were staying. Rescuers and family members attempted to save the 3 year old but were unsuccessful due to the heave fire. According to Fox 17 news, the fire was accidentally started by candles that were being used to light the home that was without power.