Friday, October 17, 2014

Customer Loyal to Guardian Alarm Due to Long Time Employee

Mitch Ginsburg, Senior Security Consultant
"I wanted to take the time and express my family's gratitude for having Mitch (Ginsburg) as our Guardian Alarm rep. His generosity, knowledge-base, and outgoing personality has made him my number one go-to-expert for any and all Guardian Alarm questions. He has personally answered any calls after hours (and) provided my Mother with step-by-step professional answers to how her system is set up. (Mitch) has been the lead in providing our family with any maintenance and checklist items of importance since our purchase.

We are so appreciative of this expert advice and want to acknowledge Mitch for his loyalty to customer's needs. It makes our decision to stay with Guardian Alarm a non-issue. Thank you and your management team for reps with the character, expertise and personal attention to details."