Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vote For Local Hero Theo Braboy

Each year, the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau presents the ROSE Award to stars in the hospitality industry who provide unforgettable customer service. This year Guard employee Theo Braboy has been nominated and needs our vote to help him win for saving lives during a home fire. Follow the link below to read more about Theo and to vote for him. Help spread the word and please forward this link to friends and family.

Vote for the Rose Award!

Theo Braboy was hired as a member of the Guardian Guard Services, Special Services Unit (SSU) in September of 2010. SSU’s are asked to do anything and everything. On the night of November 15th,2010 Theo was conducting a mobile patrol of a private community called Rudgate Clinton, he noticed smoke coming from a home in his patrol area. He immediately called 9-1-1. He then encountered a woman and some children standing outside. The woman told Theo that her husband was still inside so he went to the door and shouted for him to come out now! The husband wisely obeyed Theo’s commands and came outside. The woman’s elderly mother was sitting outside in a wheel chair, Theo pushed her farther away from the home where she would be away from the flames, the home next door also started to catch on fire. Theo was informed that an elderly woman was asleep in this home. Theo and another person went to this second home and when banging on doors and windows failed to rouse the elderly woman they then broke windows so they could shout inside. This finally got the woman’s attention and they were able to evacuate her out through her garage away from the flames. Theo then placed her in his patrol vehicle for warmth until the ambulance arrived. Even though there were people standing outside when Theo pulled up to the fire no one was doing anything, perhaps they were in shock. But when Theo got there he immediately took control of the situation and he is truly a Maximum Achiever. We don’t ask our security officers to put themselves in harms way or risk their lives, but Theo Braboy put the safety and welfare of others before his own when he went into the burning home.