Thursday, February 10, 2011

Michigan man fights house fire with snowblower!


Water supply a problem? Lots of frozen water in the form of snow around the burning structure? Maybe it’s time to take a tip from Steve Luibakka of Diorite, Michigan in Marquette County. On Monday evening Luibakka was alerted that his neighbor’s home was burning. The fire had started in a couch and was blowing out the living room picture window when Luibakka arrived with a 30-pound fire extinguisher. Witnesses say flames were six feet above the roof line.

The extinguisher was a help, but only temporarily. Luibakka realized he needed another extinguishing agent that Ishpeming Fire Chief Andy Lusardi says largely extinguished the fire and reduced the amount of damage to the home:

Here’s the rest of the story from Dionna Harris at DailyNews.Net:

“I was able to knock down the flames, but it was so hot. The heat was so intense, it just flared up again. I ran over to my son-in-law’s garage and grabbed his snowblower…and started blowing snow into the living room. It took about 10 minutes, but we were able to knock the flames down.”

Liubakka said while he was operating the snowblower, his son-in-law shoveled snow into the home, and into the auger of the snowblower.

“One firefighter said there was about 16 inches of snow in the living room. And even with all the snow, the temperature within the home at that time was still 170 degrees,” said Liubakka.

Lusardi said the fire was out when firefighters arrived at the scene.

He said using the snowblower to blow snow through the front window helped contain the fire to the living room.