Monday, December 21, 2009

DETROIT: Task force is guarding Christmas

As Detroiters stockpile gifts, city police are cracking down on home invasions.
Police Chief Warren Evans said Friday that the department has teamed up with other local agencies for Operation Home Sweet Home, a home-invasion initiative, that so far has resulted in 25 arrests.
"As much as any crime, home invasions are driving people out of the city, and we have to do more to address this issue," Evans said in a news release. "Once a person has experienced that kind of personal violation, it's hard for them to want to stay."
The operation identified break-in hot spots throughout the city to watch over the past month, including parts of the 6th Precinct, the Eastern District and the Southwestern District. Surveillance crews were sent to those areas to provide faster response to home invasion calls.
Evans said he hopes to expand the operation to a full-time strategy.