Thursday, January 13, 2011

Guardian Alarm Fixes Couple's Security System

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) - It happens over 210 times a day in the state of Michigan, burglars breaking into homes like yours and taking whatever they want.

It happened to Michael Aeck and his wife Janet in July 2009. Michael says, “They stole all our guns, all my guns, electronics, computer equipment and some cash, all told about eight thousand bucks worth of stuff.”

Right after that, Mike and his wife signed a contract with ADT to install a burglar alarm system at the cost of $50 a month.

But on December 29th Mike and Janet discovered their ADT security system wasn’t working. That’s when Mike called the Call for Action team. And that’s when we called the guys at Michigan based Guardian Alarm Company.

For 80 years, Guardian has been installing and monitoring home and commercial burglar alarm systems.

When we explained what happened to Mike and his wife, Guardian agreed to install a full blown alarm system absolutely free. They also agreed to give Mike 3 months of monitoring service free. And after that, they will cut the cost of monitoring his home by 20%.

Now, with a brand new burglar alarm system that works, Mike and Janet can feel safe in their own home once again.