Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How To Protect Your Jewelry While on Vacation

--(Business Wire)-
-(NAPSW)-Whether you`re traveling with your own jewelry or giving it as a holidaygift, jewelry insurance could be worth its weight in gold.

"Airport and hotel lobbies are frequently very public spaces that create a falsesense of security," says David Sexton, vice president, loss prevention, JewelersMutual Insurance Co. " We've had reports of thefts that occur as travelers arechecking in and momentarily can be caught off guard. They merely set their luggage on the floor and when they look down it's gone."

In fact, when jewelry is reported missing, the top reasons given include "I lostit at a hotel" and "I lost it while traveling." Jewelry insurance can coverpieces from wedding and engagement rings to heirloom necklaces that are lost,damaged or stolen, and it can cost less than you might expect. You can apply forthe insurance online or through a jeweler, and certain homeowners insuranceplans may cover jewelry, though they often cover only a small amount unless youpurchase a separate rider to cover your favorite pieces and gifts.

That`s why many people instead opt to work with specialty insurance providers such as Jewelers Mutual, the nation`s only insurer to specialize in jewelry. You can visit the company`s Web site at www.insureyourjewelry.com to get a freequote and access an online calculator to determine how much coverage you might need.

Founded in 1913, Jewelers Mutual offers these tips for safeguarding jewelry whenyou travel:
• Only bring what you wear every day.
• Consider wearing faux pieces when you travel, but remember that even fauxpieces may make you a target for theft.
• Never leave jewelry in your luggage to be transported by airlines, cruiselines or other public transportation.
• Store unworn jewelry in the hotel`s safe deposit box, not the safe located inyour room.
• When swimming, fingers constrict, making it more likely your ring will falloff. Rather than risk losing it, leave your ring in the hotel`s safe depositbox.
• Insure your jewelry to assure that you can replace it if it is lost, stolen ordamaged.

For more tips and information on jewelry insurance, visitwww.insureyourjewelry.com or call (800) 558-6411.